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This is a tailored service which means, if you make inquiries for any particular subject, we do our best to find you a specialist tutor within that field who can guide you through the subject and achieve a good result.

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Our Major teaching students are GSCE and A-levels, however, we are helping students with their undergraduate and Masters studies as well.

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Conquer The World of Mathematics with PSJ Tuition

PSJ Tuition offers the most outstanding tuition in Math!

Why Mathematics is So Essential

Many people find themselves in the dark when it comes to subjects like Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus. But mathematics qualifications are becoming essential for today’s world. Take job-hunting, for example. Job-hunters without significant Mathematics qualifications are excluded from the candidate list.

The reason is that the use of computer programs to review and sort out applicants is on the rise. Major employers use them for scanning the CVs and applications of all job-hunters. These computer programs select candidates by filtering specific mathematics qualifications, such as GCSE or A-Level Mathematics.
Applications without these mathematics qualifications are simply deleted. They never make it to the interview. In simple words, a degree in GCSE math and A-Level math is required for you to pass the first stage of job recruitment.

Algorithms are making inroads into traditional professions such as Medicine and Law.
Even the music industries are looking for mathematics qualifications from applicants because they need mathematics and algorithm knowledge to make successful music notes. Traders in Financial markets are relying on algorithmic and mathematical expertise too.

The future belongs to the programmers who possess market insights and algorithm knowledge. They are the ones who will contribute to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

We Are Here to Help!

Prepare yourself with PSJ Tuition! Get ready for all kinds of mathematics tests with our outstanding tuition. GCSE, A-Level, Degree-level, IB, and Pre-U level Mathematics – be prepared for today’s employer’s recruitment challenges.

Carve out a great future for yourself. Our tutors in Math are here to help. We make math fun and enjoyable for all. Our tutors will simplify every aspect of math and increase your understanding. We use our very own interactive whiteboard programme to explain each problem. This way, you too can become a math expert and work yourself out of any mathematics problem.

PSJ tuition shows you how to do maths the fastest and easiest way possible. Our face-to-face and online tuition are designed to help every student overcome their weaknesses. Not only that, but we can give you a taste of the real exam experience by conducting mock exams in our partner schools and exam centers.

The experience of attending these mock exams will point out your key weaknesses. Our tutors will take special care to help you overcome your weaknesses and be confident about your capabilities.
PSJ tuition promises to maximise your mathematics potential. We will teach you mathematics for work, statistics, SPSS, GCSE, A-Level (for all exam boards), Degree level, IB, and Pre-U level. With our tuition, you will be passing your exams with flying colours.

Personalised Treatment for All!

PSJ tuition results are personalised. They are delivered face-to-face and one-to-one. Everyone gets special treatment for math. You may choose to take your lessons physically or via an online platform.
We provide your tuition at your convenience. You choose when you need it, not us. We provide physical tuition to students in the evening and on the weekends too.
Physical tuition is provided at our luxurious Central London offices. It is located in the heart of Mayfair. If you can’t attend it physically, then tuition via Skype is available at your convenience.

Accounting, Banking, and Finance

How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of Accounting, Banking, and Finance:

PSJ tuition provides excellent tutoring sessions for all subjects related to Accounting, Banking, and Finance. We essentially provide tuition for all professional specialist subjects. Our specialists will ensure that you understand and learn everything to the bone.
We aim to make you highly skilled and well-versed in accounting and financial statements so that you can be notably analytical when you interpret statements.

Comprehensive Tuition for all

With our tuition, your chance of success in accounting and finance will increase exponentially. This is because, to ensure your success, we provide comprehensive tuition in all accounting, banking, and finance subjects.
PSJ tuitions for Accounting, Banking, and Finance include:

  • FCA
  • ACCA
  • CIMA
  • AAT
  • CFA
  • CeMAP
  • Numerical Banking
  • Tests
  • ACCA Preparation (one to one / group classes)
  • ICAEW (one to one / group classes)
  • ATT (one to one / group classes)
  • SPSS
  • GMAT and GRE Courses

We also provide specialized lessons for A-level on all exam boards, Pre-U and IB level. Our qualified tutors will prepare special lessons for you to overcome your weaknesses.

Personalised for your Convenience

PSJ tuition tutors design personalised lessons for each learner. Not everyone shares the same level of understanding in math and accounting. So, we ensure that everyone gets the attention they need based on their weaknesses.
We provide face-to-face as well as one-to-one tuition. You can come and attend our physical tuition at our office. Physical tuitions are held in the evening and on the weekends. The venue is our Central London office, located at the heart of Mayfair.
If you can’t make it to physical classes, we can arrange online tuition sessions via Skype. We also have our own whiteboard software that can deliver superior learning experience. You can choose the timing of the online sessions too.
You can also attend our mock exams. They are held in our partner schools like actual exams. Come and attend them to get a taste of the real experience!


How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of Economics (Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Econometrics):

PSJ Tuition is proud to share that one of our students claimed that our tuition allowed him to grasp the “Dynamic Growth” model in the quickest way possible! That is just one example.
PSJ Tuition has expert tutors who excel in tutoring Economics. Our expert tutors deliver face-to-face customised tuition for all learners.
We try our best to make Economics as simple and easy as possible. We explain all complicated and abstract topics by breaking them down into easy and understandable portions.

Economics Made Easy

We think that the best way of learning something is to make it comprehensible for the learners. Economics is not easy, to be honest. It includes some ridiculously complicated models and abstract topics.

We have fully qualified tutors from top UK universities. Our tutors try their best to make these complicated topics child’s play for you. By doing so, you can understand the fundamentals. Thus you can take on the bigger and more complicated economic problems of all levels. That includes A-Level (all exam boards, pre-U and IB) and Degree level.

You will be able to take on complex topics like quantitative equations, IS-LM-BP, Keynes’ “animal spirits,” and so on easily.
In addition, our physical mock exams will solidify your confidence in economics.

Personalised Lessons for Everyone

PSJ Tuition offers face-to-face/ one-to-one lessons for everyone. We know that everyone has different weaknesses, which are unique from others. Thus the special one-to-one tutoring will ensure the best learning experience.

You can come to our evening physical tuition sessions. Additionally, we hold physical sessions on the weekends. These physical sessions are held at our luxurious Central London office, which is located in the heart of Mayfair. If you can’t attend physical classes, we can arrange online tuition sessions via Skype.

To test your progress, you can come and attend our Economics exams held at our partner schools.

English language

How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of English Language:

Teaching English is one of our specialities. We have excellent English tutors for teaching you the language. Our English tutors have proven track records of helping international and domestic students with ESOL, GCSE, A-Level (for all exam boards) , IELTS and Degree level. We also provide A-level IB and Pre-U English lessons. Students from all levels are welcome to take tuitions on our platform.
You can take English, American, or other literature lessons from our PSJ tutors and specialists.

Learn English in the Easiest Way

Success in the professional and corporate world depends on how effective your communication skills are. It is a necessity for career development. English has four dimensions of proficiency – Writing, Reading, Listening, and Speaking (including Pronunciation).
Students have unique difficulties with each English proficiency dimension. Our capable tutors will design tuition sessions to meet your individual needs.

We have fully qualified tutors from top UK universities. Our tutors try their best to make these complicated topics child’s play for you. By doing so, you can understand the fundamentals. Thus you can take on the bigger and more complicated economic problems of all levels. That includes A-Level (all exam boards, pre-U and IB) and Degree level.

You will be able to take on complex topics like quantitative equations, IS-LM-BP, Keynes’ “animal spirits,” and so on easily.
In addition, our physical mock exams will solidify your confidence in economics.

Tuition for Everyone

Our English tutors provide lessons for everyone, whether it is GCSE, IELTS, or Degree.
We also teach English to job-seekers. Job-hunting has become more competitive. With the need for proficiency in computer programmes and software, recruiters exclude applications that lack significant English expertises. An English Language qualification is, therefore, ever more important for being considered for a job. We provide tuition to help you meet all qualifications for the job you seek.

Personalized Care for All

PSJ provides face-to-face English lessons to all students. You can come and attend our physical tuition in the evening and on the weekends. We hold these physical tuition sessions in our central London office that is located at the heart of Mayfair.
Those of you who can’t attend our physical tuition – don’t worry. You can book a skype tuition session with us. For online sessions, you can choose the time at your convenience. It should be noted that we use our own interactive whiteboard programme for teaching English. This makes it as effective as the physical class.
Feel free to attend our mock-exam sessions held in our partner schools too. Here, you can get the experience of real exams.


How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of Business:

In today’s world, business qualifications can vastly increase your employability. A degree in MBA serves as your golden ticket to a highly-paid executive career.
Thus a Business A Level degree or Business Management qualifications are considered highly prized assets. They can open doors to a diversity of employment opportunities.
Therefore, it is a necessity to gain business qualifications.
But it is easier said than done. So, PSJ tuition is here to help you. Our tuition will make your business studies more manageable and more enjoyable.

Tuition for All Business Degrees

PSJ Tuition provides tutors to teach all Business levels. From A-Level (for all exam boards, pre-U and IB) to Degree, we provide tuition for all. Moreover, we have specialist tutors for postgraduate studies. They include Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and other Masters qualifications degrees in Business Management.
Our tutors have proven records of successful teaching at the Master’s level. They are graduates from top UK universities and have at least five years of experience in tutoring. Their teachings include Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC), Leadership, and Innovation.
But that’s not all. Our tutors go above and beyond and take special care of their students with written assignments, essays, report writing, and researching skills.
With the help of our specialists, you will have excellent command over the business subjects. Our tuition covers:

  • Strategy
  • Leadership
  • Innovation
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Valuation and Venture
  • Capital
  • Marketing
  • IT/Computing and
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  • Social Enterprise
  • Networking (SEN)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Operations
  • Quantitative Analysis (QA)
  • Economics
  • Human Resources (HR)

Customised lessons for special treatment

We know that all students are built differently. That is why they need unique methods to deal with their weaknesses. After all, that is why students come to us – to overcome their lackings.
PSJ Tuition provides face-to-face/one-to-one tuition to better tackle our student’s weaknesses. Our physical tuition classes are held every evening and on the weekends. They are conducted in our luxurious Central London office, located at the heart of Mayfair.
If you can’t come to our office, we can teach you via Skype calls. We have our personal whiteboard interactive platform. This will give you physical classroom-like lessons over the internet.
Moreover, you can test yourself with the exams that we hold in our partnered schools.


How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry, and Biology)

Physics, Chemistry, and Biology – these three core subjects built the foundation of modern science. We can see their traces all around us, from daily essentials like electricity to modern life-saving medicines.
Learning and understanding these three subjects may not necessarily require advanced mathematics, but it is still a complicated subject to learn. PSJ tuition aims to teach you these subjects in the easiest way possible.
With our tuition, you will be ready to take on any science test. We provide tuition for all degrees, IB, and Pre-U level science exams. Our team consists of qualified tutors from top UK universities. They specializes in A-level (all exam boards) and all degree level exams.

Personalised Lessons for Everyone

Our tutoring methods involve each student individually. We provide face-to-face and one-to-one lessons to everyone. For each student, our tutors apply a variety of methods to best explain the lesson.
We use our very own personal interactive whiteboard programme. Here, we can ensure learning like that of a real physical class.
The timing of our lesson is also at your discretion. You choose when you need our lessons. We can provide one-to-one online lessons via Skype at any time on any day. Choose a suitable time!

Physical Tuition for Going the Extra Mile

Students who need extra attention can attend our evening and weekend physical tuitions. These physical tuition are provided at our luxurious central London offices in the heart of Mayfair.
We will take things one step forward for you by conducting mock science exams. We have partner schools. You can attend the mock exams in these schools and experience what it feels like to take the tests for real.
Moreover, you can come to these centers and do your Biology, Chemistry and Physics practicals. We will supervise you and help you understand all the fundamentals of your practicals.

Language tuition

How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students with Language Tuition

Language tuition can be a big help for international students. Applying to a foreign educational institution for a bright future can be smart. But stepping into that country without knowing their language can be a big mistake.
If you can’t communicate, then how can you learn? PSJ tuition will prepare you by teaching you all about the language you want to learn. We have qualified language tutors who have years of experience and successful track records.
We have lots of students learning French, German, Spanish, Russian, Latin, and Mandarin from our tutors. They are doing their GCS and A-levels in these languages, and they are getting outstanding results.
We aim to keep all our students shining bright with their academics no matter what language medium they are studying.

PSJ Language Tuition

We provide language tuition in many languages. Our capable language tutors will design easy lessons for you to grasp the language in a short period fully.
Our language tuition includes but is not limited to:

  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Russian
  • Latin
  • Mandarin

Contact us to see if your target language is available in our list of language tuition or not.

Personalized Language Tuition

Our top university graduate tutors have at least 5 years of experience in teaching. They will design comprehensive language lessons for you. With their guidelines, you will master the language in no time. We teach language learners of all levels, from elementary school to university students.
We provide face-to-face and one-to-one tuition. We provide physical tuition in our Central London office. It is located at the heart of Mayfair. Physical tuitions are held in the evening and on the weekends.
We also provide online tuitions via Skype for those who are unable to come. We have our whiteboard interaction software which provides an unrivaled learning experience. You have the liberty of choosing the timing of the online sessions.
You can also participate in our mock exams for testing your language skills. They are held in our partner schools.

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What our customers have said

My son had two D’s in Economic and Government and Politics and after attending PSJ Tuition, with their careful follow up he got A* and A respectively in those courses. Thanks PSJ and you can be sure I will recommend you to anyone who is looking for private tuition.
Mrs. A.T
Without help of Mr. Jafari I could not manage to get admission in Imperial College. He helped me with my A-levels in Math, Further Mathematics and Physics and I got two A* in math and an A in physics. Thank you very much.
Mrs. P.P
My sister was getting D and C in Science and English at GCSE level. I was advised by a colleague to send her to PSJ TUITION. I have to admit it was one of the best decisions that I made. My sister got A* in both subjects. Incredible effort and follow up. Thankssssss a lot.
Mrs. M.A.
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