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Getting world-ready means getting ready for the future. And education with a career purpose is the thinking of the future. Education, accommodation, career consultancy – we have a plethora of services dedicated to our clients.

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Exam entry & school selection

Parents want the best for their children. They want them to go to the best school and get the best grades. But many parents are not familiar with the complexities of the British educational system. They have difficulties in choosing the best school for their children.
PSJ Tuition looks forward to helping those parents. We have a long history of assisting parents in finding the best schools for their children. But, we don’t stop there – we go the extra mile and help the parents with applications and other admission procedures.
With our help, you can get applications for the most sought-after boarding schools and other schools rated as “Outstanding” by Ofsted (the British Government’s regulator of schools).

As a tuition service provider, we excel at tutoring for all education levels, that includes school entry exams. We have 11+ examination preparation courses, 13+ examination preparation , private school examination preparation, and interview preparation courses. They will surely help you prepare for the big school exams and secure a top spot.

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Accommodation is a crucial factor for many international students. If the idea of getting accommodation while studying abroad is giving you a headache, PSJ Tuition has your back. We want to make sure that nothing stops you from achieving your best results in academics. We help you in finding the most student-friendly accommodation on your budget. Tell us your concerns, and we are ready to assist you in finding a home in your study life abroad.

Career Consultancy

In the new economy, every executive job position is sought after by hundreds of freshers. To grab the opportunity, it is never enough to rely only on academic excellence.

We understand the game. That is why we offer full career consultancy to our students. We prepare you for the job market through our intensive job interview training. Based on your profiling, our expert C.V writers prepare all of your documents, including cover letters that help you in beating competitors on papers. Grow your potential with our career consultancy.

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Work experience

Recruiters are demanding more from young professionals. Student life is no longer only meant for studying. Recruiters are looking for young professionals with industry-related skills, even though they might be fresh graduates. PSJ has got your back here.
Our effective networking with major corporations in sectors such as Financial Services (especially Banking), Estate agencies, Services, I.T, Telecoms, and Manufacturing keeps you ahead by informing you about recruitment vacancies. Networking is the key to winning the recruitment game. With PSJ Tuition, you are one step ahead in this game.

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