• Our aim is your success

    PSJ Tuition is truly unique in enabling its students to achieve inspirational exam results and the attainment of their qualification.

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  • One-to-One

    Utilizing intensive “One to One” tuition together with the latest proven educational techniques we ensure that our students achieve exam grades far beyond their original expectations, at all levels.

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  • Online Tuition

    Whether you visit our Mayfair offices, or prefer to be taught by SKYPE-ONLINE, PSJ Tuition’s team of highly qualified tutors have proven track records in enabling our students to improve their grades, in all of their subjects, from GCSE to A Level, and Degree level.

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Work Experience

PSJ has, to the envy of it’s rivals, an exceptional range of contacts occupying key Recruitment posts within major corporations in sectors such as Financial Services (especially Banking), Estate Agency, Services, I.T., Telecoms and Manufacturing.


PSJ will help to assist you to find the most suitable accommodation for your time in UK, from a luxury apartment to student accommodation.

School Selection Services

Many parents are unfamiliar with the intricacies of the British educational system. PSJ has a long history of helping parents find the best schools for their children, and can help with applications to even the most sought after boarding schools, and other schools rated as “Outstanding” by OfSted (the British Government’s regulator of schools).

Concerning Your Career

Based upon extensive Personality Profiling, detailed Interviewing and a thorough assessment of each person’s experience and interests, we discuss and advise on the most suitable opportunities to be considered.

Full Career Consultancy

Career choices are then translated into the reality of Job Offers through our C.V. writers’ compilation of your documentation including all Covering Letters, followed up with Intensive Interview Training, allowing each person to turn interviews into concrete Job Offers.

Full Psychometric Assessment

We measured the difference between standards of improvement for each class, against the improvements in grades achieved by our students. We established that the school achieved only 7% uplift, or improvement, in grades achieved between the prediction and the actual, final grade awarded by the examining body.

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