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The quality of the tutors selected by PSJ Tuition is what makes PSJ Tuition truly unique. It is what separates PSJ Tuition from its competitors. We call it the “PSJ Tuition difference”.


PSJ Tuition only contracts with the most gifted teachers, who are experts in their field of academia. It is exceptionally difficult to gain a position with us, as our selection procedures are noted for their demanding standards, and exclusivity.


Our tutors are recruited via selection procedures that are second-to-none in terms of rigour, They then enter a six month trial period, during which they are subject to constant re-evaluation, and receive training designed to ensure that they are able to deliver the standards of tuition that we are so well-known for.

For those few tutors who do excel, and can enable our students to achieve their maximum potential, we offer a tremendous career. One prominent characteristic of our tutors is their sense of achievement when they see their students consistently improving, and achieving their true potential.

PSJ Tuition is dedicated to promoting from within. When tutors demonstrate their exemplary ability, progress on the management ladder is swift. Our tutors work with students who are usually above average in motivation, and whose parents genuinely care about the results that their children attain. For some tutors, this may be a pleasant change from the working environments in which they have become accustomed to working in.

Our tutors enjoy working at our luxurious offices. PSJ Tuition’s offices were chosen for their state-of-the-art teaching and tuition facilities. Tutors always enjoy the luxury, and the facilities provided. Tutors are only moments away from the extensive café facilities, which are located only a few metres from our offices. PSJ Tuition’s tutors have the pleasure of providing tuition in the centre of one of the liveliest capitals in the world, with its exceptional social environment.