This small selection of Testimonials quoted below, are entirely unsolicited, and provided by both students and parents, who are clearly delighted with the exceptional standards of the tuition provided by PSJ, and they clearly attest to the exceptional contribution that PSJ has made to the academic achievements attained by each and every student.

Mr.S.T, 2013

My son had 4 U’s in his AS/A2 level Maths, once he started his lessons with Mr Jafari, my son has scored 4 A’s in Jan exams, Thanks PSJ Tuition. I recommend PSJ to everyone.

Mrs.P.H, 2013

I am working with Mr. Jafari for a year now and today I got my Math and Further Math results. I achieved A* in Math and A* in Further Math, Thank you PSJ

Mr.L.R, 2013

My son was predicted grades D for C3 and E for C4, now my son achieved A for C3 and C4! Thank you PSJ.

Mrs.S.A, 2013

Finally got my results with an A* in Math A level and A* in Further Math, I need another A* to get to Cambridge University, Thank you PSJ Tuition for all the help.

Miss.K.L, 2013

Wooohooo !!, I am so happy, I achieved grade A in my Economics and A in my Physics, Thank you PSJ.

Mr.A.L, 2013

Thanks to PSJ and their outstanding teams, My daughter was targeted E in her Economics and with PSJ help she has achieved A. I will recommend PSJ Tuition to all of our friends and family

Mr.V.K, 2013

When I joint to PSJ tuition, my target grade was C in Accounting and after lessons from PSJ Tuition, I have achieved A in my exams. I would like to thanks PSJ Tuition for their effort and hard work

Mrs.A.P, 2013

PSJ Tuition helped our family enormously, especially as we had just moved to England and did not know the educational system. We were lucky to find PSJ Tuition through a friend. With PSJ Tuition’s advice and excellent tuition my son has achieved “A*” in his GCSE Mathematics and Sciences and my daughter has achieved “A*” in her Maths “A” level and grade “A” in her Politics “A” level. I would recommend PSJ Tuition to everyone.


Last year I had a big problem with my Business and Economics, and then I found PSJ Tuition. I had a meeting with the Founder of PSJ Tuition who kindly assisted me with a timetable and tuition for my subjects. After a few months I was constantly getting “A’s in my exams at school. Finally I achieved “A” in Business and Economics, and now study at LSE.


I remember when I joined PSJ Tuition I had 4.5 in my IELTS. Thanks to their fantastic IELTS teacher, who helped me so much, I achieved 7.5 within a short period of time. I will use PSJ Tuition now for my other subjects; they are friendly and brilliant.


When I started at PSJ Tuition, I was achieving grade “C” in Mathematics and Accounting. After just a few months, I have managed to achieve “A*” in Mathematics and “A” in Accounting. My parents were very impressed with the fact that PSJ sends out a Weekly Report detailing each student’s progress, and they could see how quickly I was making progress. Thanks PSJ Tuition.


When I joined PSJ Tuition, I had only ever achieved a 550 score in my GMAT; indeed when I first met PSJ Tuition I never thought, I could do well in my GMAT. My target was 650 and thanks to PSJ Tuition, I have achieved 720. I will recommend PSJ Tuition strongly to everyone.