How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of the Sciences (Physics, Chemistry and Biology):

Physics, Chemistry and Biology underpin many benefits of modern societies; from electricity to antibiotics. Despite the quantitative nature of the sciences, understanding them does not always need advanced Mathematical skills. Our tutors have outstanding success in teaching students by using a variety of approaches which are custom-designed for the needs of each student in our One-to-One tuition services.

Lessons at PSJ Tuition are face-to-face, in other words, tuition is One-to-One. Tuition is provided at whatever times are most convenient for you, and we tutor students in the evenings, and also provide tuition during weekends. Tuition is provided at our luxurious central London offices, in the heart of Mayfair. Tuition via Skype lessons are available if you cannot attend our offices, and will be arranged for times that suit you.