Mathematics (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Calculus, Probability and Chance, Statistics, Econometrics, Algorithms)

How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of Mathematics:

PSJ Tuition offers tuition in Maths that is, simply, outstanding.

Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Calculus confuse many people, but qualifications in Maths are becoming essential in today’s world. Job- hunters, for example, who have no qualifications in Mathematics, are frequently excluded from consideration by human recruiters. This is because computer programs are increasingly used to review the CVs and Application forms received by major employers. These programs automatically scan everyu application, and CV received and they search to find specific information, such as whether the applicant has GCSE, or A Level Mathematics. Without qualifications in Maths, those applications are simply deleted, and never make the short-list sent to human recruiters. In other words, GCSE Maths, and A Level Maths qualifications mean you pass this stage of the recruitment process!

Algorithms increasingly make inroads into traditional professions, such as Medicine and Law. Companies are pioneering “generative music” using neural networks to calculate the probability of one musical note succeeding another note. Traders in the financial markets have relied on algorithmic trading for much of their activity for decades. The future belongs to those programmers who combine market insights with algorithmic sophistication. They will control the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

Prepare yourself thoroughly for your examinations at GCSE, A Level and Degree level Mathematics. Prepare for today’s employers’ requirements with qualifications in Maths, and carve out a fabulous future for yourself by mastering algorithms. PSJ Tuition has exceptional tutors in Maths, who are able to make the subject interesting, even fun. They simplify every aspect for you, as they increase your ability to work through exercises. They show you how to decide on the information you need to solve maths problems, and how to solve those problems quickly and easily.

Whether it’s a Maths test for work, learning statistics, learning to use SPSS, or passing exams at GCSE, A Level, or Degree Level, PSJ Tuition will ensure that you maximize your potential, and assist you in passing your exams with flying colours.

PSJ Results in Mathematics, are simply outstanding, at GCSE, A Level and Degree Levels.

Lessons at PSJ Tuition are face-to-face, in other words, tuition is One-to-One. Tuition is provided at whatever times are most convenient for you, and we tutor students in the evenings, and also provide tuition during weekends. Tuition is provided at our luxurious central London offices, in the heart of Mayfair. Tuition via Skype lessons are available if you cannot attend our offices, and will be arranged for times that suit you.