How PSJ Tuition Benefits Students of English Language:

English Language is one of our Specialist Subjects, and our English Language tutors have an excellent record of helping both International students who seek qualifications as Speakers of a Second Language/ESOL, and students seeking domestic English Language qualifications (GCSE, A Level), and domestic English Literature qualifications (GCSE, A Level, and Degree). Students who wish to study English, American, or any other literature, are also well-catered for with PSJ’s specialist tutors.

The ability to communicate effectively is central to every form of professional endeavour. The four dimensions of proficiency in the English Language are Writing, Reading, Listening and Speaking (including Pronunciation). Our specialist tutors will design individually-tailored tuition to meet your needs at every level from GCSE, and teach to Degree levels in English and American Literature.

International students typically require IELTS for acceptance onto British University courses (both undergraduate and post-graduate courses). IELTS, Cambridge Proficiency, PET and TOEFL are all taught by our tutors, with outstanding success, at PSJ Tuition.

Job-applications and CVs that do not feature a qualification in English Language are increasingly excluded from consideration by human recruiters, as employers utilise programs designed to pre-scan and exclude application-forms and CVs which do not feature such English Language qualifications. An English Language qualification is, therefore, ever more important for even being considered for a job.

Lessons at PSJ Tuition are face-to-face, in other words, tuition is One-to-One. Tuition is provided at whatever times are most convenient for you, and we tutor students in the evenings, and also provide tuition during weekends. Tuition is provided at our luxurious central London offices, in the heart of Mayfair. Tuition via Skype lessons are available if you cannot attend our offices, and will be arranged for times that suit you.