Whether you visit our Mayfair offices, or prefer to be taught by SKYPE-ONLINE, PSJ Tuition’s team of highly qualified tutors have proven track records in enabling our students to improve their grades, in all of their subjects, from GCSE to A Level, and Degree level.

SKYPE allows you to work ONE-to-ONE with your tutor. ONLINE resources allow you to easily send in your practice essays, and exercises by email. You then quickly receive our feedback, including our expert evaluation and recommendations for how you can improve, again, by email.

PSJ Tuition caters for a wide range of international students from over 60 nations, making PSJ Tuition a truly diverse learning community. PSJ Tuition caters for the individual tuition needs of each student. Remember, if you cannot visit our tutors in our state-of-the-art Mayfair offices, the visit your tutor via the PSJ SKYPE-ONLINE SERVICE..

PSJ Tuition pioneered the use of SKYPE, and the use of other online resources, in order to ensure that students could work with our tutors on a “One-to-One tuition” basis, whatever TIME-ZONE you are in.

To maintain our leadership in the provision of SKYPE-enabled ONLINE TUITION, PSJ has upgraded our IT. As a PSJ student you will benefit from PSJ’S CUSTOMISED ONLINE LEARNING EXPERIENCE:

PSJ’s ON DEMAND SERVICE– YOU RECORD – and YOU REPLAY ANY LESSON WHENEVER YOU WANT, and WHEREVER YOU ARE. This puts you in complete control of your learning. You can study anytime, anywhere. When you need to revisit important points, check information, or repeatedly practice the vital skills that you have worked on with your tutors e.g. solving equations in Mathematics, or how to write newspaper stories using the Inverted Pyramid structure, in English Language, and so on.

ACCESS ALL YOUR TUITION FILES ONLINE – review, revise and work-on your files anytime, anywhere. All your files – just log on for 24/7 access. You choose when, and where.

24/7/365 SKYPE-enabled ONLINE TUITION – we recognise that we have clients in every time zone, and we have now extended our availability to ANYTIME – ANY-DAY. Your choice!

MIX & MATCH TO SUIT YOU – MIX Online lessons with lessons at our offices. Increasingly, our students have asked us to provide tuition at our offices during term-time, and provide online tuition-lessons when they are away from London. Choose whatever is best for you – you’re in control!



All parents, guardians and students who wish to enquire about our comprehensive 24/7/365 PSJ’s SKYPE-enabled ONLINE TUITION, should simply Contact Us.