What Makes PSJ Tuition “Unique”? What is the “PSJ Difference”?

What makes PST “unique”, is the difference between PSJ Tuition and the rest of the tuition agencies to be found in London.

Principally, we at PSJ Tuition have a different Business- Model, which is the “Team-Tuition” model, secondly; we have firm operational and ethical principles, which we define as our Fundamental Principles,and thirdly, we are committed to not only delivering “Superior Performance”, we insist on benchmarking it, and measuring it through objective, independent quantitative methods.

TEAM-TUITION; whereas most tuition organisations are simply businesses who try to act as agents, connecting any tutor with anyone who will pay for their services, we have a small and consistent Team of Tutors who are experts in their fields, and who are truly gifted as teachers who ensure that our students learn how to achieve higher marks, at GCSE, A Level and Degree. Our TEAM-TUITION FOCUS; is on the core subjects of Maths, English, Sciences, Economics, Business, Politics and Writing Skills.

TUTOR-RECRUITMENT; Uniquely, as well, our tutors are recruited on the basis of their ability, enthusiasm and dedication. It is also a key principle in our recruitment that all tutors have independent interests. Our tutors work for PSJ Tuition because they love their work. Because they have other wealth, and/or income, they are not “wage-slaves” who need to work for PSJ Tuition. They are therefore, uniquely engaged in their work.

PSJ’s FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES; guide our ethics and our operations. Our Fundamental Principles are;



Transparency through Objective, quantitative benchmarking and

Communication with parents, guardians and our students.

SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE (SP) : PSJ TEAM-TUITION are dedicated to ensuring that students are continually enabled to achieve the highest grades possible. The performance of our tutors, in enabling, motivating, driving and inspiring this process, together with their expert knowledge of the Syllabus, Examiner’s requirements, and subject-knowledge, constitutes PSJ’s SUPERIOR-PERFORMANCE (SP).

Our SP is objectively measured, through our unique benchmarking methodology, and communicated, transparently, to parents, guardians, and students.


Finding a Tutor Is Easy; BUT: CAN THEY TEACH?

Great tutors will transform your children’s life-prospects. It is one of the most important decisions you will make.

Finding a tutor is almost as easy as becoming a tutor. Sadly, Britain has no regulatory framework governing the provision of tuition services. PSJ Tuition has addressed this need by writing to other agencies, arguing that we must form a voluntary association, in which members agree to abide by a professional Code of Conduct. Sadly, our efforts were futile, as no agency responded to our communications. Most “tuition agencies” only require the completion of a short form. Whether tutors completed the form honestly …… is another question.

Some tuition agencies offer subject specialists, such as PhD students. Knowing a subject does not mean they can communicate their knowledge. Or bright young things who have just graduated … but have no experience of tutoring. Many parents/guardians choose PSJ Tuition after using agencies where good tutors came and went, sometimes within weeks; – often to be replaced by “not-quite-so-good” tutors.


THE “PSJ DIFFERENCE” – PSJ Tuition is truly unique because our success is founded upon an entirely different business-model.

Our tutors are a team of gifted teachers, with specialist subject knowledge. Our team coalesced into today’s format almost 4 years ago, which is exceptional for any tuition provider. To ensure that they are “fresh”, they all have separate business interests.

THE PSJ DIFFERENCE IS DUE TO THE EXCEPTIONAL MOTIVAION OF OUR TEAM OF TUTORS: they do not provide tuition because they are wage-slaves, and have to come to the office. PSJ Tuition’s tutors enjoy the challenge of upskilling their students. They enjoy seeing their students succeed.

What Payment Facilities does PSJ Tuition Accept?

PSJ Tuition always aim to accommodate the individual needs of all parents/guardians and students. We therefore offer the following methods for payment;

Bank Card
Credit Card
Bank Transfer

An Invoice will be sent to the parent, guardian or student.

What if I Need to Cancel a Tutorial, or If I am Late for a Tutorial?

We understand that illness, or unexpected events, can occur. However, our tutors are often over-subscribed, and we aim to help as many students as we can. If we receive at least 24 hours’ notice, we can contact other students to ask them if they would like the time that was previously allocated to the student who wants to cancel. Failing to give us notice means we usually find that we have insufficient notice to be able to invite other students of the unexpected availability of a tutorial.

If we cannot help another student by letting them take your allocated tutorial times, then they are disadvantaged, and our tutors are inconvenienced. We will re-arrange a tutorial subject to receiving a minimum of 24 hours’ notice from the parent, guardian or student.

Any tutorial that is cancelled with less than 24 hours’ notice will be charged at the full rate. Refunds are not given as tutors have to be paid. Any student who does not attend any tutorial that has been booked, will be charged at the full rate. No refund will be made. Any student who is late will be taught from the time they arrive, until the end of the allocated time for that tutorial.

No refund will be given, even if a student notifies us that they expect to be late. Students are treated as adults by us.

Our tutors are entitled to be treated with respect, as well. We expect all of our students to have the courtesy to arrive on time, and to have the ability to plan, such that they are always punctual. Any student who is unfamiliar with London, and its transport system, should contact us for advice on which routes are available, and the best ways to travel to our offices, and how much time to allow for their journeys.